President's Message

8 June 2016


Dear Friends,


Changkat Changi Secondary School Alumni Association (CCSSAA) greets you with a warm welcome.


This year Changkat Changi Secondary School (CCSS) is celebrating its 50th anniversary (since its founding in 1966) and the year of Jubilee, and I am sure all of us with fond memories of our days in CSSS, be it as a student, teacher, or Principal, or even as one who has supported the School from its formative years to now, would like to see our Alma Mater continue to grow from strength to strength and excel in everything she does, fulfilling the school motto “through school to Nation” for the next 50 years and beyond.


Our Alumni Association was formed in October 2002 to maintain this linkage with the School, for old boys / girls / teachers / principals / staff to network and to support the School in the pursuit of its vision and mission, to be a choice institution. Indeed, over the last 50 years, the School has done exceedingly well in the nurturing of its students, both past and present, some of whom have done the school proud in the different sector of society from sports, education, civil service to corporations, contributing in their very own different ways. And we can look forward with confidence to the next 50 years and beyond, where our alma mater will continue to grow in strength and stay committed to the vision Learn with Passion, Serve with Humility and Succeed with Integrity, nurturing Changkateers with strong emphasis on character development supported by a culture of care, striving towards excellence and fulfilling our school motto “through school to Nation”.


Since the formation of CCSSAA in October 2002 the Executive Committee (Exco) has been actively working closely with the School Advisory Committee (SAC), Parent Support Group and School leaders and teachers in a strong partner relationship to realise the vision of nurture the future generation of active learning Changkateers. Looking ahead, the Exco of the Alumni Association has embarked on a self-renewal process to ensure continuity and relevance for the next 50 years and beyond. And we are fortunate to have our next generation of dynamic, talented and dedicated Changkateers coming forward to serve in the Exco to carry the baton to the next lap and beyond.


There are 3 classes of membership:- Ordinary, Associate and Honorary. All past students can join as Ordinary members; past/present teachers and principals and those who have actively supported the School can qualify for Associate membership; Honorary membership is by invitation only and may be extended to persons of eminence who have contributed significantly to the Association / School.


There is only a one-time joining fee of S$50 (no annual fee). Make your cheque payable to “CCSSAA”, fill up the membership application form and send them together to CCSS, 23 Simei Street 3, Singapore 529894 (fax no: 6786 8481). You can also log on to the CCSS Alumni Website and register online. If you need clarifications, you can also contact Miss Low Siew Teng of CCSS, who will then redirect your queries to one of our Executive Committee members.


We urge you to join our Alumni Association now – CCSSAA can only be successful if all of us, who have been associated with the School, give our fullest support, which will also mean support for our Alma Mater.


Sincere regards,

Robert Poh