About Us

The school was founded in 1966 and took in its first student intake in 1967. When the school started, it accepted students from three language streams ( English, Chinese and Malay ). Over the years and with the changes in the educational landscape, the choice of language offered was eventually whittled to the present English only. Still, the diverse past of the school present an exciting richness in its heritage.


The idea of the alumni association was first mooted at the re-union dinner for former students and teachers held in 2001 to mark the 35th anniversary of the school. Given that the school premises were about be moved from its former location at Jalan Tiga Ratus to the current site at Simei Street 23, Mrs Mabel Leong, who was the principal then, and some concerned former students thought it was imperative to form a fraternity to maintain ties.


As the cliché will have it, one thing led to another and the CCSSAA was formed.